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High-Tech Stamping Metal Components for Car Bodies 

TLH is the meaning of First Step for Producing Car, and the Commitment to Trustworthy Technology. 

Our Technologies

Small Quantity Batch Production

The ability to manufacture multiple vehicle parts with the low-volume production

Stamping Technology

Stamping for ultra high strength steel, hot stamping steel, aluminum sheet  and other materials

Robot Welding
Robot Welding automation technology and implementing manufacturing lines and system
Our Technologies
Robot Laser Cutting

5 axis robot laser cutting system for cutting 3D panels

Main Product

Rail Roof FR, Cowl Cross Bar, F/Apron Compl, Fem Carrier MTG, Dash Compl, Cowl Compl, FRT Step Compl, QTR Compl, RR Floor Compl

Tooling Center Operation

Tools for Digital Design Process, Mold Design and Machining in House, Sequence Try-Out and Assembly 

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